Voucher Casa Perfeuto María

Surprise your partner, friends or family by giving them a unique experience surrounded by nature at Casa Perfeuto María.
Voucher valid for 2 people, including accommodation and breakfast.


74,00 € IVA incl.


Los precios de los bonos son en temporada baja. En caso de ser utilizados en temporada alta (ver calendario) se cobrará la diferencia al poseedor del bono. En temporada alta la reserva mínima es de dos noches.

Nombre de la persona que recibe el bono

Nº de Noches

Dedicatoria (máximo 200 caracteres)

Kit Pop-Up

For the most detail-oriented, we offer the possibility of having your printed card delivered to the recipient. Premium-quality paper and a special presentation for a unique gift. Don't worry, we will send your gift with a presentation and a finish worthy of the best occasions. 

Marca aquí para recibir tu Kit Pop-Up por correo

5,00 €



You can stay with your pet for a small additional fee per night.

9,00 €



Find a box of chocolates upon arrival in the room.

12,00 €

Botella de cava

Cava bottle

Celebrate any event with a bottle of cava in your room.

15,00 €

Pétalos sobre la cama

Petals on the bed

Surprise your partner at your arrival with this romantic gesture.

15,00 €

Ramo de rosas

Bouquet of roses

Treat your partner with a bouquet of roses upon your arrival in the room.

25,00 €

Rosa y Pétalos sobre la cama

Rose and petals on the bed

We decorate your room in a romantic way with roses and petals.

18,00 €

Cama Supletoria

Extra bed

20,00 €



If you feel like eating on the beach, in the mountains or just do not feel like leaving your cabin, we can prepare a picnic for you.

45,00 €

Botella Moet

Champagne bottle

A good French champagne to toast amid the tree branches.

60,00 €

Botella Moet y ostras

Champagne bottle and oysters

French champagne and oysters from our ria are the perfect combination to celebrate surrounded by nature.

90,00 €

Decoración personalizada

Custom decorations

If you are celebrating something special, we can decorate your cabin to match each celebration. Please request a quote by calling +34 981850903

Suplemento temporada alta

Peak season add-on

If you want the person who is receiving the gift to make the reservation at any time of the year, regardless of whether it is during peak season or off-season, add this to your cart.

20,00 €

Más información

Casa Perfeuto María is a country lodge that offers accommodation in rooms, meal service and seasonal gastronomic activities. 

Once the purchase is completed, we will send you an email with the attached voucher as soon as possible so you can print it and give it to the recipient. 

Vouchers will be valid for 1 year. The stay can be enjoyed as soon as availability has been confirmed. The prices of the vouchers are those of the off season. If they are used during the peak season (see calendar), the difference will be charged to the person using the voucher. (Supplement High Season: 20 €/night).

During peak season, the minimum booking is two nights.